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Odebrecht Infraestrutura Participates in Meeting about Mining Sector Challenges

Through the Expressways Project (Pedreira de Cabo Ledo) currently being undertaken in Luanda, Odebrecht Infraestrutura took part in the 1st National Meeting of Mineral Subsector Operators for Angola Civil Construction, organized by the country’s Ministry of Geology and Mines. The event gathered 250 people, including entrepreneurs, technicians and politicians, and debated the regulation, inspection and diversification of the sector, with the last considered to be one of the challenges faced by the Executive Sphere over the next decade, together with the stimulus for the country to be one of Africa’s largest mining powers.

Representing Odebrecht, Robson Santos, Engineer for the Expressways and Pedreira de Cabo Ledo projects, spoke about the “Soil Recovery System in Aggregate Exploration” and identified the environmental impact as one of the greatest problems related to uncontrolled aggregate exploration. “I believe that the greatest concern should be the regularization and standardization of aggregate exploration so as to prevent environmental and health related problems, as well as those related to the contamination of the soil,” said Santos.

During the meeting with aggregate explorers for civil construction, the Minister of Geology and Mines, Francisco Queiroz, admitted that due to a lack of public inspection, many of the middle men are able to escape paying state taxes and fees. “There are operators that try to violate the Mining Code and environmental law,” he said. “One of the challenges from the sector is the way in which the current exploration is undertaken, causing environmental damages due to the absence of environmental impact studies,” he said. The minister also explained that one of the strategies is to make the sector a source of job opportunities in the country, with direct effects in terms of improving the populations’ quality of life.